Western Heights school district in Oklahoma City nears completion of storm shelter goal

When the May 20 tornado moved through the Oklahoma City area, Greenvale Elementary School Principal Diane Klein rode out the storm inside her office with about 60 first-graders crammed into the space.

By this time next year, Greenvale will have its own safe room that will comfortably accommodate up to 400 people and be rated to withstand an EF5 tornado. There are about 270 students in the school.

Shelter Oklahoma Schools presented the Western Heights school district with a check for $100,000 on Monday. The nonprofit charity was founded to advance efforts to build storm shelters in every school in the state. The check was presented by Reps. Jon Echols and Mark McBride to Western Heights Superintendent Joe Kitchens.

Read more here: http://newsok.com/western-heights-school-district-in-oklahoma-city-nears-completion-of-storm-shelter-goal/article/3921321

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