Mark on the Issues

  • Sanctity of Life
    Mark believes life is a gift of God and is determined to stand up for the rights of our most defenseless citizens, the unborn.

  • Second Amendment
    Mark believes the right to use guns for sport or protection is part of our Constitution and our heritage. Mark will fight to preserve our right to protect our families and loved ones.
  • Immigration
    Mark believes the United States should have strictly enforced immigration policies. The U.S. Supreme Court is currently reviewing Arizona’s immigration law and once they issue their ruling, Mark believes Oklahoma will have a clearer picture of the role the legislature can play in strengthening state laws to deal with this national crisis.

  • Property Taxes
    Mark believes it is simply wrong of government to automatically increases taxes on homes when we know that home ownership help families stay together. Mark supports limits on property tax increases, particularly for those who are retired and on a fixed income, so that people can plan for expenses and have a better opportunity to own a home.

  • Limited Government
    Mark believes Oklahoma must fight the implementation of Obamacare at every turn. Mark will fight to reduce the tax burden for Oklahomans by working to limit the size of government and by opposing hidden fees and any new taxes.

  • Jobs and Business
    Mark believes we can expand existing Oklahoma businesses through workers’ comp reform, tort (lawsuit) reform and eliminating unnecessary government mandates on business.

  • Veterans’ Causes
    Mark believes we must take care of our military and civilian men and women who worked and fought to ensure that freedom and democracy prevail in our land. Mark will fight to make sure our veterans receive quality services and health care that is second to none.


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